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    Ireland and the surrounding sea towns

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    Sick of the city and the excess concrete?
    Are you more the romantic type?

    I recommend a region covered in green mountains. When the cloud roll in, it looks like something right out of a gothic novel. Eerie and mysterious!
    I can’t really think of anything more exciting than to begin or finish a day standing on one of the magnificent cliffs of Ireland… you can’t help but feel a bit small in the face of the power of nature!

    Possibly the most impressive sight is the Cliffs of Moher – with the large number of birds that inhabit the surrounding, the amazing underwater caves and the incredible scenery.
    You can best view the area by taking a cruise, however make sure you get some guidelines from the tourism center.

    One of the best known regions is the Galway Coast. It impresses by a great variety of attractions and events you can attend.
    You can emerge in the past by passing a day at the St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church – the largest medieval church still in everyday use in Ireland. It was founded in 1320 and continues to amaze to this very day.

    Or, if you prefer the Galway Cathedral, the Roman Catholic counterpart, was consecrated in 1965 and is far larger, with a renaissance dome, pillars and round arches.
    Standing in this imposing structure you might find it easy to forget that you are in the 21st century!

    You have a lot of activities to choose from: hiking, biking or taking a tour of the historic medieval Galway.
    Or you can go at the theatre or visit the Galway City Museum.
    One of the collections featured at the museum represents works by the most important Irish artists from the second half of the 20th century.

    The largest annual event of the region takes place every July. The Galway Arts Festival, comprising the participation of hundreds of writers, artists, performers and musicians creating theatre, spectacle, street art, music, comedy, literature and music.
    This mixture pretty much guarantees that your family and friends will have something to enjoy with you.
    If a cultural event is what you were looking for, check out the info for the next festival and start making the preparations because you just might want to decide that you want to view more than you can put in your organizer!

    History is the main attraction for those who choose to visit the coastal communities.
    To put it simply, you have so many medieval churches, castles and relics that you might find it hard to make up your mind as to what exactly you want to visit.
    If you want to squeeze in as many things as possible, you should consider a museum.
    The variety of architecture makes every trip a breath taking experience and if you have the time to take a professional tour you will hear the legends of how bloody these regions used to be in the past or of the famous ships that sunk because of the dangers hidden near the shores of Ireland.

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