• Jake’s Steakhouse in Billings, Montana
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    Jake's Steakhouse Happy Hour Jake's Steakhouse Billings MontanaJake’s Steakhouse, in Billings, Montana, bills itself as Montana’s Premiere Steakhouse.

    Cattle ranching has been central to Montana’s history and economy since the 1850s.  Therefore,  we figured that our visit demanded a slab of Montana beef.

    Located in the historic heart of Billings, Jake’s opened on December 31st, 1979. The restaurant is located in what was originally the General Custer Hotel built in the late 1800′s, and for 33 years, Jake’s has been locally owned and operated.

    We had early dining reservations, and noticed a bustling happy hour crowd tipping back a few as we walked to our table in the dining room.  The decor was traditional for a steakhouse with masculine woodwork adorning the walls and ceilings.  And, with the prominence of cowboy hats and boots adorning the restaurant’s patrons, it was clear that we were in ranching territory.

    As we settled in with a nice red wine, we started our evening off with Crab & Avocado Caprese Salad (tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, sea salt, olive oil, balsamic).   What a wonderful way to start an evening dining experience.

    Jake's Steakhouse Billings Caprese Salad

    While there was seafood and poultry on the menu, we were here for one thing: a big slab of Montana beef.

    We asked our waitress what Jake’s was famous for, and she pointed Carol towards Jake’s Great Filet (two sautéed filet medallions, topped with crab, artichoke hearts, mushrooms and béarnaise sauce) …

    Jake's Steakhouse Great Filet

    and me towards the house specialty: Prime Rib (house spices, slow roasted w/ house-made horseradish sauce, au jus).

    Jake's Steakhouse Billings Prime Rib

    Well, all I can say is Yippee Ki Yay. Do cowboys really say that?  Anyway, outstanding, outstanding, outstanding!

    We both shared over 20 oz. of glorious beef.  Phew! However, as together we worked to clear our plates, our delightful waitress turned into an evil dessert seductress, and began to tempt our souls with visions of sugary delights.

    We succumbed to her siren’s song, and ordered another Jake’s Classic: Apple Crisp Ala Mode.

    Jake's Steakhouse Billings Apple Crisp

    Oh, the melty, piping-hot goodness of home-made apple crisp.

    Believe it or not, we nearly cleared the whole dish.  And, just when we thought we had accomplished our mission for the night, out comes the restaurant manager with a dessert special: Caramel Apple Wontons.

    Jake's Steakhouse Billings Apple Wontons

    When you visit Jake’s Steakhouse, pray that they have these babies on their dessert menu.  Oh my goodness!  They were like glorious, little apple pies.

    As I write this, I just finished my lunch.  I wonder if they could “beam me up” a few of these.   What, we can print human ears on a 3D printer, can’t we beam a little dessert across the country?

    Well, we had a wonderful dining experience, and when you visit Billings, Montana, be certain to put Jake’s Steakhouse on your evening itineraries.  You’ll be glad you did!

    Link: Jake’s Steakhouse

    Disclosure: our wonderful dining experience was provided by the kind folks at Jake’s Steakhouse.  Thanks!  

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