• America’s Top Ten National Parks for 2012
    Posted by at May 24th
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    Sunset at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon Sunset ©David A. Porter

    Are you a fan of America’s National Parks?  We sure are, and by the number of visitors to our beautiful National Parks last year, we’re not alone.

    As of this writing, America has 401 national parks which last year received over 282 million visitors.  Wow!

    10 Most Visited National Parks

    1.    Great Smoky Mountains National Park                   9,685,829
    2.    Grand Canyon National Park                                   4,421,352
    3.    Yosemite National Park                                            3,853,404
    4.    Yellowstone National Park                                       3,447,729
    5.    Rocky Mountain National Park                                3,229,617
    6.    Zion National Park                                                    2,973,607
    7.    Olympic National Park                                             2,824,908
    8.    Grand Teton National Park                                      2,705,256
    9.    Acadia National Park                                                2,431,052
    10.   Cuyahoga Valley National Park                              2,299,722

    10 Most Visited Places in the National Park System

    1.       Blue Ridge Parkway                                                   15,205,059
    2.       Golden Gate National Recreation Area                      14,540,338
    3.       Great Smoky Mountains National Park                       9,685,829
    4.       George Washington Memorial Parkway                      7,425,577
    5.       Lake Mead National Recreation Area                          6,285,439
    6.       Lincoln Memorial                                                           6,191,361
    7.       Natchez Trace Parkway                                             5,560,668
    8.       Gateway National Recreation Area                            5,043,863
    9.       Gulf Islands National Seashore                                  4,973,462
    10.      Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area         4,970,802

    We’re about to check off Yellowstone National Park from our bucket list.  How about you?

    Are you planning to visit one of our nation’s National Parks this year?

    Tell us which one in the comments section below…

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