• Things Get Fired Up at Chef Gordon Ramsay’s BurGR
    Posted by at May 23rd
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    BurGR restaurant at Planet Hollywood has quickly become one of the hottest burger joints in Vegas, but now it’s even hotter.

    The restaurant recently lit up a cool new decorative feature along the restaurant’s outer wall, a 30-foot-long, glass-enclosed wall of flames.

    Sadly, no s'mores on the menu. Oh, well.

    No s’mores on the menu? Oh, well.

    The fire shoots out of two sculptured, serpentining steel burners, making the restaurant an even more eye-catching addition to the diverse dining options at Planet Hollywood.

    Here’s a video we captured yesterday, and from the looks of it, we may have consumed far too much caffeine. You know, directors like J.J. Abrams (“Star Trek Into Darkness”) actually shake their camera to create a sense of motion and a sense of energy. So, please don’t complain. It’s not “poorly done,” it’s “energetic.”


    As you can imagine, the fire wall puts off some heat, which is why it’s been built with an additional layer of clear insulating material (see below).

    Bonus: Still makes a great hand warmer.

    Bonus: Still makes a great hand warmer.

    The fire wall is a perfect fit for the BurGR menu, with offerings like “snap dogs” simmered in hot sauce and Jalapeno Poppers (five regular poppers, and one surprise popper that might melt your face off).

    We're 44% sure you can handle it.

    We’re 44% sure you can handle it.

    Never fear, though! There’s a wall of ice at BurGR, too. A dizzying selection of beer is dispensed from it, actually.

    Are you more an ice person or a fire person?

    Are you more an ice person or a fire person?

    Stop by for a look at the new fire wall, and see more photos from BurGR at Planet Hollywood.

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