• How to Work Out Like a Las Vegas Showgirl
    Posted by at May 16th
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    Being a Las Vegas showgirl might seem glamorous (and it is), but it also takes a lot of work. Staying in shape is part of the gig.

    One of our favorite Vegas newscasters, Maria Silva from Fox 5, recently dropped in on two “Jubilee!” showgirls at Bally’s Las Vegas, Jane Cesler and Amelia Bruff, to get some showgirl workout tips.

    The "Jubilee!" dressing room at Bally's is the holy grail of dressing rooms.

    The “Jubilee!” dressing room at Bally’s is the holy grail of dressing rooms.

    Through the miracle of the Interwebs, you can view the full workout segment here.

    Check out these showgirls, and seemingly hundreds of others, in action at Bally’s Las Vegas in the last of the classic production shows on The Strip, Jubilee!

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