• Gordon Ramsay Keeps the Surprises Coming at BurGR
    Posted by at April 18th
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    Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay has another culinary hit on his hands with BurGR at Planet Hollywood, and the restaurant recently introduced new menu items to heat things up yet again.

    BurGR (it’s written that way as a nod to the chef’s initials) has been winning over customers with its burgers boasting a unique blend of three beef cuts: short rib, brisket and chuck. The new offerings give diners some additional non-beef options.

    First up is the Southern Yardbird Burger, with a chicken burger, sharp cheddar and mustard barbeque sauce, topped with a pickle and butter lettuce.


    We’re thinking some sort of wash is used so the seeds adhere to the gorgeous buns, but what do we know? We are a blog.

    Next is the Fish & Crisp sandwich, with ale-battered cod, salt and vinegar crisps and fresh dill tartar sauce.

    Which, we’ve just confirmed, is impossible to read without salivating.

    BurGR fish

    “Crisps” are like fries, only Britisher. Which we acknowledge may not be a word.

    The sandwich we couldn’t help but try was the new Damnation Chicken Burger.

    This flavorful enticement includes fiery hot mayo and Maytag blue cheese, with a celery and carrot slaw. As the Damnation Chicken Burger implies, this one has a kick.


    Insider tip: Order a shake to help douse the flames.

    Chef Ramsay appears to have also read this blog’s mind by concocting a new shake to go along with the new burgers.

    The shake has two layers, with an indulgent Oreo shake sitting beneath a generous portion of crème brûlée pudding. Some customers mix the layers, others use their over-sized straw to start at the bottom (the Oreo shake part) and work their way up.


    A sweet, succulent stratification! A phrase this blog is trademarking immediately.

    We bet the burgers at BurGR are unlike any you’ve ever had. If we lose that bet, we’ll gladly have another Oreo and pudding shake on your behalf. We’re self-sacrificing like that.

    Find out more about BurGR at Planet Hollywood.

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