• Six Irresistible Cocktails at The Quad’s Catalyst Bar
    Posted by at March 28th
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    The beauty of the new Catalyst Bar at The Quad hotel isn’t just skin deep. There’s some specialty cocktail chops to back it up.

    Catalyst Bar

    This blog forced itself to try some of these new signature cocktails on your behalf, because we’re self-sacrificing like that.

    First up is the Jal-E-Berri, with muddled strawberries and jalapenos (don’t say we didn’t warn you), Skyy vodka, fresh lime and grapefruit juices.


    Next, try the Diablo El.

    Yes, after you have this one, you may be transposing your Spanish. It’s got Patron tequila, creme de cassis, fresh lime juice, ginger beer and a splash of ginger ale. Say “hola” to “Senor Buzz.”

    Diablo El

    A fine member of Catalyst Bar’s family of tempting signature cocktails is the Strawberry Cucumber Collins, a refreshing combination of Hendrick’s gin, strawberry puree and Collins mix.


    The cocktail menu has an entire section devoted to “skinny” offerings, cocktails that skimp on the calories, but not on the flavor. The Skinny Margarita has Sauza tequila, fresh lime juice and Cointreau, whatever that might be.

    Skinny Rita

    Hope you’ve been pacing yourself, because our next cocktail is the Cable Car. It’s a mouthwatering confluence of Captain Morgan spiced rum, Cointreau and fresh sour.

    Cable Car cocktail

    Ever hear of a “Q-ini”? Of course not. Until Catalyst Bar invented them, they didn’t exist.

    Q-inis are Champagne-based, and you can choose to add one of a variety of freshly-made purees: strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, mango or raspberry. This be the mango version.

    Mango Q-ini cocktail

    So many delicious new cocktails to help kick-start your Las Vegas adventure! Drop by the new Catalyst Bar and try some of these lusty libations for yourself.

    Oh, and not for nothing, but The Lusty Libations would make a great band name.

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