• Six Ridiculously Good Cocktails at Trevi Restaurant
    Posted by at February 25th
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    You’d sort of expect excellent food at an Italian restaurant, especially in Las Vegas. (Las Vegas Official Motto: “Everything in Las Vegas tastes better because we also have pole dancing.”)

    But Trevi Restaurant, inside The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, does great Italian food one better by also serving up some mind-blowing signature cocktails.

    Trevi restaurant

    Here, then, are six libations sure to make you feel like you just tossed a coin into an Italian fountain and got lucky. So to speak.

    Stealing the show, right off the bat, is the mesmerizing Pomegranate Cosmo. This Sin City-worthy temptation has Sobieski Orange vodka, fresh pomegranate juice, triple sec liqueur and fresh-squeezed lime.

    Trevi cocktail

    Also ridiculously good is the Capri Coral Crush, with Smirnoff Melon vodka, along with a blend of mango, guava, pineapple and passion fruit juices.

    Capri Coral Crush

    The Italian margarita has Sauza Gold tequila, Cointreau, Amaretto and fresh lime juice. What it mostly has is the ability to help you get past pretty much any drama in your life, at least for awhile.

    Italian margarita

    The palate-pleasing Coconut Mojito is not only tasty, but also pleasing to the eye. It contains Pearl Coconut vodka with fresh mint and lime, with splashes of soda and pineapple juice. Don’t try to replicate a “splash” at home. The cocktails at Trevi are prepared by professionals trained in the art of splashing.

    Coconut Mojito

    Last, but in no way the least, is the Sangrini. It’s one of the best slushy drinks we’ve had in town, and while we can’t entirely remember what was in it, we’d call that a tremendous selling point.


    Every signature cocktail at Trevi is more saporous than the last. And while we can’t guarantee the cocktails will suddenly make you start using big words like “saporous,” we’re pretty sure they can help you mispronounce a few.

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