• Pulse of Vegas Blog Named Best Blog in the Contiguous United States
    Posted by at February 8th
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    In a turn of events even our mother could not have predicted, this blog has been named the “Best Blog” ever in the history of the Internet (we may have fudged that last part) in the PR Daily Digital PR & Social Media Awards.

    These prestigious national awards, which we’re assuming are prestigious because we won something, are presented by Ragan Communications, a highly-respected communications and PR company. Hundreds of companies across the country vie for these awards, including public relations agencies, corporations and nonprofits, media relations and publicity agencies, PR consultants, governmental organizations and others. View all the winners, most important category first.

    Best Blog Award

    The judges for the PR Daily Digital PR & Social Media Awards are much-beloved (even moreso now) leaders in the social and public relations communities, including: Kara Swisher, co-host of the Wall Street Journal’s “All Things Digital”; Jesse Stanchak, social media editor at SmartBrief; Felix Salmon, blogging editor at Reuters; Christine Romans, host of CNN’s “Your Bottom Line”; Carlos Dominguez, Senior Vice President at Cisco; and Mark Ragan, CEO of Ragan Communications, among others. See more.

    Said Scott Roeben, the deeply modest creative force behind Caesars Entertainment’s awards-laden blog, “I’m honored the Pulse of Vegas blog has been named the best blog in, essentially, the known universe, and furthermore, blah, blah, blah, did you ever notice how people don’t bother to read quotes in blogs? This blog can pretty much say anything here, nobody’s going to read it. People skim. That, dear friends, is how you win a ‘Best Blog’ award. Hope people skim a lot!”

    This blog would like to congratulate all the other worthy finalists in the Best Blog category, mainly because that makes us appear more gracious, so we’re presumably free to gloat, guilt-free, from here on out.

    We wish we could’ve attended the PR Daily Digital PR & Social Media Awards luncheon at The Roosevelt Hotel in New York City, but we were very busy doing blog research related to “slushy drinks” and “parlaying a hard six.”

    This just in: Also Hawaii and Alaska. The “contiguous United States” thing just made for a catchier headline.

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    Bio: The Pulse of Vegas blog includes references to “we” often. But it’s actually written by one (incredibly modest) individual, Scott Roeben, a humorist, photographer, author and longtime Las Vegas resident. “We should probably interview ourselves sometime. We find us fascinating,” he says. The Pulse of Vegas blog is the official Las Vegas blog of Caesars Entertainment, the folks who run a bevy of Las Vegas hotels. It received the inaugural “Most Valuable Las Vegas Blogger” award by CBS Local/KXNT News Radio.

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