• Checking Up on the High Roller at The Linq, World’s Largest Observation Wheel
    Posted by at January 23rd
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    Our post about Free Vegas Shows That Aren’t Shows got us thinking we should share more photos of the High Roller observation wheel construction site. As if we need an excuse. It’s a mind-blower.

    High Roller

    There have been a number of deliveries in recent days, with some key parts of the High Roller (part of the massive Linq project, courtesy of Caesars Entertainment) being unveiled, like the wheel’s larger-than-life hub pieces (below).

    High Roller hubs

    The hub revolves around a spindle. There are also bearings involved. Who has time to read up on all this? We’re too busy taking photos.

    Sprouting out from the hub, like spokes, will be a number of massive cables (never photographed, until now), with each coil of cable stretching more than 240 feet. At least that’s what one of the guy’s with a hard hat said. Just before he called security. We do know the cables were made in France, which makes them extra fancy.

    High Roller

    The main structure itself is already incredibly tall, but additional leg segments are expected to be installed in the next week or two.

    High Roller

    Also on the agenda is the raising of the “kickstand” (braced leg) segment of the wheel. This leg will be perpendicular to The Strip.

    Let’s just say that when you see the High Roller construction site in person, you’re struck by two things: 1) This isn’t entirely possible. 2) Yeah, that first thing.

    Despite it’s apparent impossibility, the High Roller is, in fact, happening, and in dramatic style.

    High Roller

    There are a number of other wheel parts we can’t entirely identify, but let’s just say they’re larger than your mother-in-law.

    What? That’s not sexist. It’s just a fact. Oh, all right, it’s also larger than your father-in-law. Yawn.

    High Roller

    It feels like giant new pieces of the High Roller are being bolted and welded into place daily. We’re trying to keep up, but we are a Las Vegas blog, not omniscient.

    High Roller

    Here’s a little video snippet from the High Roller site, which we were dying to share again, so thanks.


    We’re excited to see what’s next with this unparalleled feat of engineering. And this time, we’re not even blowing marketing smoke up your dress (or pants, happy?). It is actually unparalleled, and a feat, and it does involve engineering. So, there.

    High Roller

    If you’re curious about the status of Skyvue, that other much-discussed observation wheel on the south end of The Strip (the High Roller is center-Strip, behind Flamingo Las Vegas, The Quad and Harrah’s), well, it’s probably a good time to lower your expectations.

    More updates to come!

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