• Travel Photo: A Smoker in Barcelona, Spain
    Posted by at January 16th
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    Cigarette Smoker in Barcelona, Spain

    As a travel photographer, some of my most prized photographs are captured as I find people going about what they do in the normal course of their day.

    I captured this gentleman taking a late-morning smoke break in Barcelona, Spain.

    As he exhaled a puff from his cigarette, he sat down on what appeared to be a plastic milk crate and simultaneously cast a glance in my direction.  Through my telescopic lens, I noticed his furled eyebrow and I became a little concerned that he might be perturbed that I was snapping a photograph of his moment of relaxation.

    Thankfully, the next frame found him turned away and not paying me more than a moments notice.

    I’ve learned that facial expressions change rather significantly from one second to the next.  I think in this case, I caught him thinking, “who is this guy and why is he snapping my picture”.

    I have no idea what this gentleman might be doing today in Barcelona, but I’m thankful to him for sharing with me this very small moment in his life.

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