• The Day Colorado Called In Sick
    Posted by at December 21st
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    Every single Colorado Ski Country resort reported a powder day yesterday and the day before and the day before. Yea, it has been snowing a lot. I am pretty sure there were a lot of individuals taking “sick days” a couple of days ago, and my boyfriend and I were two of those individuals.

    We headed up to Winter Park on Tuesday night because we were nervous (and secretly hoping) that the pass would close and keep anxious skiers from getting to the mountain. It did not close, but being up there already guaranteed we were in line when the lifts started turning at 9:00am the next day.

    From the lift, all you could see was snow, lots of it, everywhere. On every tree, on every peak, and on every run.

    Snow. Snow. Snow.

    Snow. Snow. Snow.


    There was fresh snow for all on the first few runs. It was soft, fluffy and abundant. No complaints from anyone, just hoots and hollers.

    Rumors were buzzing around that Sunnyside would be opening, so each time we got off the lift we checked in with the lifty or a patroller. After a few runs, one lifty responded that it was already running. We took a speed run, jumped on the Super Gauge and headed to the top.

    Right off of the lift, we were greeted with this crowd.


    These people are pumped.

    As we waited, the crowd got denser, the cheering got louder and the excitement went through the roof. Finally, after about a five minute wait, the ski patrollers couldn’t hold the crowd back any longer. The masses descended into the terrain around the Sunnyside lift like nothing I’ve seen before.

    As the crowd flowed down the mountain, I glanced to my right to see a group of ski patrollers on the porch of the patrol hut fist-pumping with excitement. They were just as excited to get new terrain open as we were to ski it.

    On the first run, the snow was so deep I could barely carry any momentum. I felt like I had forgotten how to ski powder. Luckily, it came back quickly.


    Thumbs up for snow.

    After a few full-on powder runs, the rest of the day was spent lapping the Sunnyside lift, which rose into heavier snowfall as it escorted us to the top of the mountain.


    This is what free refills looked like at Winter Park on Wednesday.

    This is what free refills looked like at Winter Park on Wednesday.

    We spent the afternoon burning up our legs on soft bumps that formed on the wide open runs and exploring the super deep snow in the trees.


    So deep.

    So deep.

    By 3:00pm I couldn’t ski more than 3-4 turns before my aching legs forced me to take a rest. Man, it feels good to have winter back.

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