• The Quad Comes Into Its Own With New Chips and More
    Posted by at December 20th
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    There are few things that spark as much excitement in the hearts of Las Vegas casino chip collectors as new chips to collect. Well, The Quad (formerly the Imperial Palace) just rolled out its new chips, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands, and lens, on some.

    The Quad chip

    The shiny new chips at The Quad are just waiting to be broken in, so what are you waiting for?

    The Quad $5 chip

    We are especially fond of the green, $25 chip, because this is the color we want our blue and red chips to turn into as we play.

    The Quad $25 chip

    The Quad name and logo are everywhere now, including on the table games.

    The Quad blackjack

    The Quad has also made its way to the slot machine tickets. We thought this $1 ticket was a clever way to tip our bartender, but then again, we think everything we do is clever.

    The Quad voucher

    The hotel has a fancy new registration desk, and very recently got some fancy new “Hotel Registration” signs that kind of made us feel like we should register, even though we didn’t entirely have a reservation.

    Quad registration

    The casino has already changed pretty dramatically, and the new porte-cochère is looking pretty spectacular.

    Quad arrival

    So, it’s time to check out The Quad.

    Quad roulette table

    One last item. If you still have Imperial Palace chips you’d like to cash in, the casino will take them until April 21, 2013. After that, you have some great IP collectibles!

    One more thing: The first 100 people who play with the new chips are guaranteed to win big.

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