• Six Easy* Ways to Become a Millionaire in Las Vegas
    Posted by at December 17th
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    There are lots of ways to become a millionaire in Las Vegas, but you knew there had to be an asterisk or two involved!

    “Easy” is a pretty subjective term, but if you compare winning a million bucks in Las Vegas to “attending college and working at a job for 20 years,” yeah, it’s relatively* easy*! Buzzkill asterisks aside, there actually are a number of ways to become a millionaire in Sin City, and here are our top six ways.

    1. Win the World Series of Poker

    For a mere $10,000 entry fee (big asterisk!), you could snag not just one million bucks, but multiples of said million bucks. This year’s WSOP winner, 24-year-old Greg Merson won $8.5 million, as well as a very fancy bracelet. Check it out.

    WSOP dog

    2. Try the Million Dollar Slot Pull at Harrah’s

    This new promotion outside Harrah’s Las Vegas was just unveiled, and gives guests a shot at a million dollars and other prizes. The Million Dollar Slot Pull is free for new Total Rewards members. (Total Rewards is the player loyalty club of Caesars Entertainment. It’s free to join, of course.)

    Million Dollar slot pull

    Existing Total Rewards members get to try for the million-dollar prize, too, but* need to earn 10 Tier Credits at Harrah’s to earn a spin voucher. Learn more about Tier Credits and Total Rewards.

    So, what are the odds of snagging the million-dollar prize? Precisely 1-in-49,948,672*. Hey, one person’s asterisk is another person’s “Bring it on!” The good news is that every pull results in a win of some kind, with a variety of prizes up for grabs (see below) like restaurant credits, free slot play and cocktails.

    Million Dollar slot pull

    3. Learn Three-Card Poker

    This popular game’s 6-card bonus side bet has already resulted in six instant millionaires, and the bet, available only at Caesars Entertainment casinos, has only been around for a year or so. Find out more.

    Winning hand

    The odds here? About 1-in-20.4 million. Hint: Ask the six freshly-minted millionaires how much they cared about the odds! We’re just saying.

    4. Play Megabucks (or Other Progressives)

    A “progressive” jackpot is one where the value of a jackpot increases with every game played, typically with a number of machines “linked” together, so the numbers can really skyrocket. The biggest Megabucks jackpot to-date was won in 2003, a mind-blowing $39.7 million, won by a software engineer from L.A. More big jackpots here.


    5. Enter a Slot Tournament

    The Millionaire Maker Slot Tournament has qualifying events around the country throughout the year. At a culminating event in Las Vegas, one lucky player takes home a million* dollars. (Thanks for that asterisk, Internal Revenue Service.)

    Millionaire Maker

    And our sixth, and easiest*, way to become a millionaire in Las Vegas…

    6. Start as a Billionaire

    We kid, of course. But, hey, it’s a good idea to keep one’s expectations realistic. It’s no secret the house always has the edge when it comes to casino games of chance. Some of these odds are pretty hefty, so pace yourself, don’t spend more than your allowance allows, and know when to stop.

    Learn more about the ways you can become a Las Vegas millionaire, and if you end up becoming one, this blog would be more than happy to accept a free cocktail, or Porsche, as an expression of your appreciation.

    *Don’t look here for answers. We are just a blog.

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