• Standing Mute Before Creation’s Witness in Tuscany
    Posted by at November 14th
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    I snapped this photograph of my friend Mark as he gazed over the Tuscan countryside from our hilltop perch at the 10th century castle turned luxury resort, Castello Di Casole.

    Like a moth drawn to the light of a solitary burning candle, Mark walked over to the edge of the hillside and quietly drank in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

    Here’s a peek at the Tuscan sunrise that had him in its spell.

    As I too was taken by the beautiful scene, and contemplated Mark’s sudden stillness, it got me to wondering …  what is it about the beauty of creation that makes us mute before its majesty?  Why do people from all over the world spend their very hard earned money to drink in such a scene?  And when we are in the presence of such a scene, why is our typical response a gasp of awe followed by complete silence?

    In the first century, Paul of Tarsus stated that God’s invisible attributes, “namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made.”

    Might it be that all mankind is driven at a cellular level, from the deep resources of our very souls, to hear the very voice of God proclaiming his love to all mankind through the beauty of his creation?

    It seems to me that no man or woman can resist this effectual call. When we are presented with the awesome beauty of creation, our common response is a gasp followed by awe.

    I wonder, might the world be a better place if we all spent a little more time transfixed by the wonder of creation?

    What say you?

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