• Deliciously Educational: Chocolate at the San Diego Natural History Museum
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    Chocolate exhibition at the San Diego Natural History Museum

    Whether you’re still recovering from the Halloween sugar comma or just can’t get enough of the sweet stuff, Chocolate at the San Diego Natural History Museum tempts visitors to its galleries with delicious exhibition that explores the history, science and culture around one of the world’s most popular treats.

    The Journey of Chocolate at the San Diego Natural History Museum

    Cocoa beans on display at San Diego Museum of Natural History

    Tracing chocolate’s journey through history, the exhibition begins at chocolate’s birthplace, the tropical rainforests where the cacao tree grows. From there, museum visitors follow chocolate through the ages, from Aztec civilization where beans were used as currency to the Spanish conquistadors who introduced chocolate to Europe and through the Industrial Revolution that led to widespread manufacturing and the emergence of chocolate in most American pantries.

    Chocolate at the San Diego Natural History Museum Information

    Dates: October 29, 2012 – March 13, 2013
    Time: 10:00 to 5:00 PM
    Cost: Included with admission
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    After the Exhibition, Get a Taste of Delicious Chocolate in San Diego

    Truffles from Eclipse Chocolat in San Diego

    If all the chocolate treats on display at the San Diego Natural History Museum have you craving some samples, fear not: San Diego is home to some terrific chocolatiers creating museum-worthy confections. Not far from Balboa Park, you’ll find Eclipse Chocolat, where exotic truffles and decadent drinking chocolates are accented with flavors like sage, peppercorn and goat cheese. Drive up the coast to North County to one of Chuao Chocolatiers’ three locations and sample their creative flavor combinations, including a potato chip-laced chocolate bar or the “Spicy Maya” made with chipotle and homemade popping candy.

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