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    Planning for a round-the-world trip as an inexperienced traveler is an overwhelming task. An effective plan can help to make the trip memorable. A RWT is not only fun for travelers but also keeps them stress-free from their busy schedule because it allows for the freedom to change your plans at any point. There are many things to be considered to make the trip blissful such as:

    Research: Firstly, research about the places you wish to travel. Go through the travel magazines, books, blogs and websites where you can get the required information. You can avoid expensive places and select places that fit your budget. There are also many RTW travelers tweeting about their own experiences across the globe. Simply search for tags like #RTW #travel #TNI #TTOT to connect with them. They’re more than willing to offer advice!

    Get to know your destination beforehand: Look at the world map and make a list of the places to be visited. You can plan the trip from different directions and can go around without sticking to any single direction. Choose the best route that will cut down your costs. For example, London-Hong Kong- Bangkok-Sydney will be quite effective compared to London-Bangkok-Cairo- Sydney.

    Travel mode: According to your convenience choose the best traveling mode. If you are willing to travel by air, book the tickets in advance as the travel cost varies from day-to-day, but also keep in mind that there are loads of last-minute deals. You just have to dig deep to find them, but again, it’s worth it because it will save you money (and we know every dollar counts – in Ecuador, $2 can buy you a three-course lunch). If you have enough time for your travel opt for overland trip. Popular overland routes link Bangkok–Singapore, Sydney –Cairns, Santiago–Lima etc. Depending on the location there can be bus and rail facilities. They can offer both the group and self-regulating trips. These prepared outings provide a better experience.

    Time of travel: Traveling time has the greatest impact on your budget. Traveling during the off-season saves your penny. For a round-the-world trip the best time for outings could be in April, May and June. Visiting a country during its peak tourism time demands more money.

    Avoid traveling during world events: These events may affect your trip quality. Know about the different events that are conducted across the world and skip your travel to those destinations if the event does not interest you. Some of these events could be:

    • Chinese New Year celebrations during February.
    • Grandprix in Melbourne, which will be held in March.
    • Muslim countries during Ramadan.

    Budget: Plan the budget for your travel and stick to it. Doing some research online will reveal information regarding the cost of travel. When you are making the budget list make sure that includes the cost of:

    • Tickets
    • Vaccinations (this is a big surprise for many when they research travel)
    • Accommodations (try couchsurfing and hostels)
    • Food
    • Entertainment
    • Transportation costs
    • Shopping etc.

    Travel Insurance: It is an absolute must to have travel insurance to take unforeseen situations into account while traveling. It covers the cost of flight delays, liabilities, health issues, belongings loss etc. So make sure that you find the right policy that fits your needs. In case you run short of money to buy travel insurance take same-day cash loans  that offer instant cash without any credit check. The amount will be credited into your account within 24 hours.

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