• Martorano’s Serves Up Nature’s Perfect Food for National Pasta Month
    Posted by at October 4th
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    In honor of National Pasta Month, Martorano’s Italian restaurant at Rio Las Vegas is serving up special menu items each week in October featuring nature’s perfect food. Yes, pasta. And, yes, it’s perfect.

    Because of this blog’s ongoing dedication to your culinary bliss while in Las Vegas, we forced ourselves to try all the specials to make sure you’ll love them. Conclusion: We’re confident you will.

    Martorano's pasta

    The restaurant’s celebrity chef, muscleman Steve Martorano, has concocted four powerhouse dishes, including the item pictured above (featured through Oct. 7), with traditional tubetti pasta and fresh San Marzano tomatoes, peas, onions and a Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese ($18).

    For the week of Oct. 8-14, Martorano’s will serve a dish (see below) with Bucatini and cauliflower, combined with pistachios, raisins and fresh garlic, topped with toasted Italian bread crumbs and extra virgin olive oil ($25). Side note: Do you realize how difficult it is to find virgin olive oil in Sin City? We’re just saying.

    Martorano's pasta

    Hungry yet?

    For Oct. 15–21, guests will enjoy a spaghetti and eggplant dish which also features San Marzano tomatoes and homemade mozzarella ($24). Yes, the mozzarella is made at the restaurant, and trust us, you can tell.


    The final National Pasta Month offering (Oct. 22-31) is a ziti baked with hot and sweet sausage, peas, onions, mushrooms, San Marzano tomatoes and ricotta ($28).

    Martorano's pasta

    All your Martorano’s favorites will also be available in October (hint: best pizza ever), of course. Learn more about this delicious restaurant offering at Rio Las Vegas.

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