• Road trip to Tubac, Arizona
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    It’s not grand secret that baby boomers love to travel together as couples.

    One of our favorite destinations, when guests are visiting from out of town, is the town of Tubac, Arizona.

    The small town is just above the Mexican border and is a well known artists’ colony.  For four days in February each year, the town’s population increases ten-fold as artisans display their art in the Annual Tubac Arts Festival which has been running strong for 53 years.

    And, even when the town isn’t buzzing with 10,000 people, there are plenty of events to enjoy, and scores of artist studios to visit.

    When visiting Tubac, our favorite place to stay is the Tubac Golf Resort & Spa.  This property is registered in the Historic Hotels of America and was built by Bing Crosby.

    Here’s a short video from a previous boomers’ trip to the Tubac Golf Resort & Spa:

    Note:  If you can’t see the video, click here.

    Here are a few things that we’ve enjoyed in Tubac:

    • Tumacacori National Historical Park.  Located just a couple miles outside of town, you will want to visit this historic Jesuit mission which began in 1691.
    • We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Shelby’s Bistro in Tubac.
    • While strolling about the town, we really enjoyed the artwork in the Cobalt Gallery.  Although, there are art galleries and unique boutiques at every turn of the head.
    • And guys, if you don’t feel like strolling through art galleries with your wife, there’s even a “daddy day care” where you can sit on a porch, rock in a rocking chair, and enjoy a fine cigar from the cool guys at Grumpy Gringo Cigars!
    • For dinner, we enjoyed a fabulous meal at Elvira’s Restaurant.  Authentic Mexican cuisine in a setting where the ceiling is absolutely covered in colorful blown-glass.

    Just now returned from our third visit to Tubac, Arizona, we look back on fond memories.

    There was much laughter on the drive down as our friend Karen gleefully sang along to her beloved 60s music, and Bob kept us in stitches with his quick wit and humor.  We again enjoyed great dining, lots of shopping in the art galleries, and a little pampering from our friends at the Tubac Golf Resort & Spa.

    Have you ever been to Tubac?  Tell us about your experience.  If not, you really should visit.  We promise that you’ll have a fun time!

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