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    Nothing brings the world together like sports: they give you a sense of pride and provide an opportunity to come together with other fans to support your favorite player  and teams. Sports has been around for ages and has evolved along with the world, but what hasn’t changed is the fact that we all desire a win. Here are the seven winning trips I feel all sports lovers would love to embark on.

    World Cup in Brazil

    Undeniably the most popular sport in the world, soccer/football has some of the most passionate and devoted fans who go to great lengths to show pride and support for their team. This includes traveling from countries all over the planet to attend the World Cup and this time Brazil is the host. If you weren’t one of the lucky ones to snag a ticket to this premiere sporting event, you can grab yourself an airline ticket to take part in the chaos and viewing-parties, and after-parties  that are sure to surround the event — no matter what team wins the glory! Don’t forget your vuvuzela!

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    The Olympics in London

    Besides the World Cup, no other sporting event brings these many countries together like the Olympics. Top-athletes from nearly every country in the world represent their native lands for a chance to win a bronze, silver or gold metal, and the title of being the best in the entire world at their event. Whether its archery, fencing, boxing or basketball, the Olympics cover a wide variety of action that can universally be enjoyed by all sports lovers.

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    Golf Tournaments in Arizona

    The Valley of the Sun may be known for being a desert, but if you want to play golf in Arizona you will have the chance to tee-off on some of the best courses for professionals and amateurs. With sunshine almost all-year round, the state provides the perfect weather for golf tournaments, which have become a major tourism draw. From charity gold tournaments, to sanctioned events as well as regional and national tournaments, there is always some form of golf being played in the state.

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    Cricket World Cup in Australia and New Zealand

    After soccer/football, cricket is the next most popular sport in the world. Unlike most sports with universal rules and game-play structures, there are many different variations of cricket played throughout the world. The sport almost seems like a hybrid of baseball and bowling, as it has players batting and running on a 22-yard long, pitch on a field of green in the middle of a crowd-filled stadium. Every four years, there is a world cup to determine the best team in the world (there’s even a separate female world cup) and its been growing in competitive spirit. Watching a cricket match may seem unusual if you don’t know the rules, but it can be quite entertaining.

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    Wimbledon in London

    Your head turns from side-to-side but you still can’t keep your eyes off that yellow ball as it zooms from one racket to the other just inches over the net. The Wimbledon tennis match showcases the world’s best players including icons like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, and Serena and Venus Williams. It’s one of those sports that you don’t really need to understand every rule to be able to enjoy it simply for pure pleasure.

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    Beach Volleyball in California

    Beach volleyball is definitely a sport that anyone can take part in regardless of skill level! It is also one of the easiest sports to play around the world because of its easy-going lifestyle (just get it over the net!) – especially when played on the sandy beaches. California is an excellent travel destination to jump into a game because it is such a significant part of their beach lives. There are numerous sand courts and some of the more popular ones can be found at Venice Beach and Santa Monica Beach.

    Flickr photo by Joe Wolf

    Surfing in Costa Rica

    Soak up the sun and pura vida lifestyle in this country that is known for having some amazing waves to catch. Check the weather and surf reports before you go and find yourself some affordable lessons to help you learn how to surf or simply improve your skills. Popular and the best-kept local secret spots can be found along both coasts of this environmentally-friendly country. Do some research and you’ll find that you can sign up for surfing trips, camps and even private surfing charters.

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