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    We’re not going to lie. This blog is a huge fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay, the larger-than-life celebrity chef who will soon unveil his Gordon Ramsay Steak restaurant at Paris Las Vegas. Read more.

    The restaurant is scheduled to open in the next few months, so we tracked down the award-winning chef for an exclusive, slightly annoying Q&A.

    Gordon Ramsay Paris Las Vegas

    Come to find out, Chef Gordon Ramsay does “suffer fools gladly.” Hey, he answered our questions.

    Pulse of Vegas Blog: We love interviews where one of the questions includes the word “vision.” What’s the vision for your new steakhouse at Paris Las Vegas?

    Gordon Ramsay: Vegas and steak go brilliantly together and there is a real focus on the quality of the menu. Obviously, being at the Paris means there will be some French inspiration, but there will also be traditional British dishes on offer such as Shepherd’s Pie and Beef Wellington. The location is perfect, overlooking and adjacent to the casino with a real high-energy atmosphere. The restaurant has a large bar area and a spacious lounge as well as cosy booths. It’s got a very modern design.

    Here’s the chef’s frequent “Hell’s Kitchen” co-star, the aforementioned Beef Wellington.



    POV Blog: It’s adorable how you spell “cosy.” We spell it with a “z.” Next question: Why Paris Las Vegas, exactly?

    Gordon Ramsay: Vegas is such a vibrant, amazing city and Paris is a very successful and beautiful resort in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip and I know the team at Caesars [Entertainment] are going to make great partners. I’m really excited about the opening.

    POV Blog: What’s your overall impression of the restaurant scene in Las Vegas, and what will you be adding to it? Yes, we said “scene.” We’re hip like that.

    Gordon Ramsay: It’s a great community and I have always wanted to be in Vegas. It’s the right time for me and for my business and I can’t wait to get opened. We have a great team and a fantastic site and the focus will be on the quality of the menu using some of the finest cuts of meat.

    POV Blog: If you had to choose one, what would be your favorite course of a meal, and why?

    Gordon Ramsay: I like simple but tasty dishes such as a nice quick pasta dish, maybe a napoletana, or a juicy steak with a simple salad on the side.

    POV Blog: This blog loves “Kitchen Nightmares.” That’s not really a question. We just thought you should know.

    Gordon Ramsay: It’s great to hear this and I love getting feedback on the shows. I’m very lucky to be involved in the show, but I’m obviously on the road a lot and don’t always hear how the shows are received. Twitter and blogs are great for this! (Note: Find Chef Ramsay on Twitter. Yes, it’s really him.)

    POV Blog: Some have said you use such colorful language on “Hell’s Kitchen” for ratings, rather than as a way to inspire chefs to greatness? How do you respond?

    Gordon Ramsay: I’m a very passionate person, but 15 minutes of television is usually edited down from hours and hours of filming and I think it is important to keep this in mind.

    Gordon Ramsay roulette wheel

    Chef Ramsay, in a Vegas-inspired episode of “Hell’s Kitchen.”

    POV Blog: Given your visibility, do you feel more pressure when you open a new restaurant now than you did earlier in your career?

    Gordon Ramsay: I always take opening a restaurant seriously and I’m notoriously demanding about getting things right. That hasn’t changed. I’ve been over to Vegas a few times and the site looks amazing. It’s all very exciting.

    POV Blog: Wikipedia says you’ve been awarded 13 Michelin stars? That’s a typo, right? How is that even possible? Which of your attributes would you say accounts for that success?

    Gordon Ramsay: Yes, it is a typo! It is 11 Michelin stars and I put my continued success down to the talented and dedicated team behind me.

    POV Blog: As a blog, we kind of resent the outlandish implication the Internet may contain inaccurate information. Moving on. What non-food things are you passionate about at the moment?

    Gordon Ramsay: Other than my amazing family, of course, I’m very passionate and I keep fit and active. Oh, and motorbikes!

    Penn Teller Gordon Ramsay

    Chef Ramsay drops by to see “Penn & Teller” at Rio Las Vegas.

    POV Blog: Can we convince you to confess something you haven’t revealed about yourself before?

    Gordon Ramsay: That would be telling. Although, as I’m sure you’ll agree, I’m pretty open and honest, so probably not too much.

    POV Blog: Have you grown weary of answering annoying questions from the media (and blogs)?

    Gordon Ramsay: Never. And for the record, they weren’t annoying. I have definitely answered worse!

    Thanks to Chef Ramsay for taking the time to field our questions, and we look forward to learning some new vocabulary words when he opens Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Las Vegas. More lip-smaching news to come!

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