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    posted by Mike McClellan at 21 February, 9:38 AM  0 
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    Republican Representative John Kavanagh has sponsored a few bills that gotta leave you wondering . . .

    About John Kavanagh.

    One is the “Teachers are now mental health professionals . . . oh, yeah, and so are the police” bill (you can read about it here).

    HB 2555 would “require Arizona’s teachers and health-care workers to notify police if they believe someone could become violent.”

    And a companion bill — HB 2158, also a Kavanagh idea — “would amend state law to allow police to detain people deemed to be a danger to themselves or others, even if they didn’t observe the behavior.”


    What kind of training will teachers receive?  And has Kavanagh ever observed high school kids and their emotions?
    I get the intention — if we had a law like this, after all, Jared Loughner might never have happened.

    But the law is so broad that it could easily lead to — as fellow Republican Eddie Farnsworth notes — a Pandora’s Box of unintended results.

    On the other hand, maybe Kavanagh’s on to something.  Maybe he should actually expand the law’s reach, to include legislators.

    In which case, I’d like to report a person whose mental state I’m concerned about — John Kavanagh.

    Because Kavanagh introduced another doozy of a bill — HB 2544.

    This one — most likely written by the group behind it, the Citizens’ Defense League — would allow guns in public buildings that don’t provide gun lockers.

    Including, for now, stadiums (Kavanagh says he’ll tweak the bill to eliminate that).

    Stadiums?  Really?

    Kavanagh didn’t have the mental acuity to see that the original bill with that provision wasn’t, well, a little nutty?

    Cardinals’ games where they lose yet another one, a beer-fueled crowd increasingly surly?
    Suns’ games where the cobbled-together group of nobodies once again fall apart in the fourth quarter?
    Dbacks’ contests where Putz blows a save?
    An Aerosmith concert at University of Phoenix Stadium without an encore?

    Brilliant idea, Kavanagh — put guns in an emotionally-heated, alcohol-filled crowd.

    Crazy.  Which is why I’d like to report Rep. Kavanagh to the Fountain Hill Police, where they can take that resident into custody, even if they haven’t observed his behavior.

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