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    A Rasmussen poll released today found the most Americans still believe that taking responsibility for yourself and hard work will lead to a better life. On the flip side of the poll, 35% of those questioned did not believe that working hard gets you ahead. Our president has made a career of telling us that successful entrepreneurs who make a business work have somehow made it over our backs. He has successfully negotiated two elections by denigrating the wealthy and charging that they “don’t pay their fair share”, even as the top ten percent of earners pay 70% of all federal income taxes. He calls for “economic fairness”, but he isn’t referring to equal opportunity. He believes that those who succeed in life, to be fair, must share the fruits of their hard labor with those who aren’t as successful.

    Of course, we must have a safety net for our citizens who, through no fault of their own, cannot survive without our help, or those who fall on temporary hard times. But when nearly half of our population is receiving some form of means-tested welfare (not including Social Security or Medicare), and when that welfare reaches levels that can put recipients lifestyles  above that of some middle class wage earners, it becomes an incentive for those recipients to remain there.

    Work, for past generations, has been honorable, no job too demeaning if it put food on the table. Today, our government allows illegals into the country to do jobs that “Americans won’t do.” Why wouldn’t 35% of our population believe hard work doesn’t get you ahead? They must feel the rest of us are chumps! And just to make sure they don’t have a poor self image (God, forbid), our president tells them someone else is to blame for their failure to succeed. No wonder Mr. Obama has no faith in “American exceptionalism.” His success has depended on its demise. His policies have been structured to “Rob Peter to pay Paul” because he knows that “Paul” will always support him. But the “Pauls” of the world are facing a new reality. Those policies, rather than creating jobs and wealth and a new American dream, are just about to suck the money-well dry. Will the country have to fall into economic ruin before America finally pulls itself back to a respectable work ethic and our citizens regain control of their own lives and fortunes?

    Will there ever be another “greatest generation?” When the nation struggled through the darker days of WWII, FDR told America to fear nothing but fear and inspired faith in our heritage to prevail. John Kennedy beseeched us to “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” He assured us that a rising tide would “lift all boats.” Ronald Reagan re-ignited our belief that America was great and called forth American ingenuity and entrepreneurism to better the lot of all. We won’t have another “greatest generation” if we believe government replaces grit. We won’t have another “greatest generation” until our leaders believe in us again.

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