• Survivalists, Glenn Beck, and the Arizona legislature
    posted by Mike McClellan at 6 February, 9:33 AM  0 
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    You might’ve seen the story in today’s paper (here) about a survivalist utopia in northern Idaho.

    Called The Citadel, the yet-to-be-built town will a self-described “City of Liberty,” where everyone is required to own weapons, there would be no leaders in the city (shades of Animal Farm, anyone?), and the city would feature a gun factory, whipping out pistols and AR-15′s.

    Apparently, the town would resemble a medieval village, complete with a 14th Century fortress-like building surrounding the city.
    When you go to the site (here), you learn all kinds of other good things, including the $250 enrollment fee (all but $35 of which will be refunded to you if you decide to pull out of paradise).

    One of the most interesting is this:  Any changes to the founders’ vision (the founders headed by a former felon), must be voted for unanimously, no doubt ensuring that the founders’ view never changes.

    Not to be outdone, whackadoodle/huckster/millionaire Glenn Beck has his own utopia in the works, Independence, USA (read about it here).

    HIs city will be completely independent from the rest of the world, producing its own food and other products.  In fact, residents of Beckville will “have to produce more than they consume.”  

    No website yet, no entrance fees yet, no location yet, but Beck does have detailed plans for what Independence, USA would look like.

    Not to be outdone by the former felon or Beck, our legislative Republicans are trying to build their own utopia right here in AZ, a state that would be free of federal interference not to mention federal law, a place where kids must say the Pledge whether they want to or not, a place where high school seniors have to pledge loyalty to the Constitution (even though the oath to be used notes that the person swearing allegiance does so voluntarily), a place where guns are omnipresent, crime doesn’t exist, and kids can be taught that evolution is bunk and the world was created in seven days.

    Maybe Beckville wouldn’t be so bad after all . . .

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