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    posted by Bodo Diehn at 6 February, 3:01 PM  0 
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    There appears to be some vocal opposition to Scottsdale’s installation of roundabouts, the argument being that they impede rather than improve the flow of traffic.  Queues of cars on the feeder roads are feared.  But in moderate to heavy traffic there are always queues of cars at red traffic lights as well.  Moreover, in light traffic cars are almost totally unimpeded, just slowed down while negotiating the traffic circle (which is a good thing). If there were a traffic light, cars would have to stop even if there was no cross traffic.

    There is also concern about the safety of pedestrians crossing.  This danger can be managed by installing pedestrian “push to cross” traffic lights.  Cars can still leave the traffic circle since all turns are right turns.  If those lights blinked yellow while not in use, they would provide an additional warning of the upcoming roundabout to motorists.

    I live part of the year in Payson, where two traffic lights have been replaced by roundabouts.  It is an absolute delight to be able to proceed where previously one had to wait for the green.  Moreover, it is difficult to “run” a roundabout or to endanger cross traffic.

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