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    posted by Bodo Diehn at 5 February, 7:39 AM  0 
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    - who have no provisions for leaving comments on their blogs.  They are invited to respond on this site.

    Jim Barber (Jan.31): You argue that the Appeals Court’s ruling is both good and bad in that it nullifies the President’s NLRB appointments (an outcome you like), and jeopardizes the whole concept of Recess Appointments (which bothers you because it might reduce the power of future Republican presidents).  Does it not bother you that the Senate has consistently refused to act on most of the President’s appointments, and that Mr. Obama’s move was caused by this frustration?

    Tom Patterson (Feb.4): Strange that a physician would argue against an expansion of Medicaid. And to trot out the proverbial single mother with multiple children (you commendably suppressed your urge to add “by different fathers”) is at best a logical fallacy.  If she loses her health care benefits, you, Dr. Patterson, will be the one who has to treat her and her children in the Emergency Room.  And btw, some of us pay taxes gladly, and at a higher rate than Mitt Romney or you, to help our less fortunate fellow citizens. 
    (Jan. 21): Calling the President a liar does not strike me as civil discourse.  The only actual liar I recall in the presidency was “I am not a crook” Dick Nixon of your own party.  Even GW did not lie consciously about WMD’s in Iraq.  Like President Obama (or Secretary Clinton), he believed what was presented to him as solid analysis.  It’s as they say about the use of information: GIGO, “Garbage in, Garbage out”.

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