• Arpaio Recall: A Waste of Time
    posted by Mike McClellan at 5 February, 7:39 AM  0 
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    I guess the group spearheading the Arpaio recall have  a bunch of bucks to waste.  Because even if they can get enough signatures to spark a recall, it’s going nowhere.

    Paul Penzance was the best candidate to run against “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” and while it was a closer than usual victory for publicity-addled Arpaio, it was still a win.

    And what’s transpired between November and now to call for a recall?


    Arpaio is the darkest stain on Arizona, a black mark in our history, much worse than Evan Mecham or Fife Symington.

    And yet, enough of the True Believers show up on election day to put Arpaio back in office.

    So while I’d like nothing more than to see America’s Most Undeserved Egomaniac tossed out of office, the effort to recall him seems futile and, well, a little less than serious.

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