• Immigration Reform: Determine the danged metrics!
    posted by Mike McClellan at 29 January, 9:44 AM  0 
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    The gang of eight beat Obama to the punch, with the bipartisan group of Senators unveiling the four principles of immigration reform today (you can see them here).

    But none of the reforms kick in until one principle is acted upon:

    “Our legislation will provide a tough, fair, and practical roadmap to address the status of 

    unauthorized immigrants in the United States that is contingent upon our success in securing 

    our borders and addressing visa overstays.”

    And how will that success be determined?

    By a group of border governors and attorneys general:

    “Our legislation will create a commission 

    comprised of governors, attorneys general, and community leaders living along the 

    Southwest border to monitor the progress of securing our border and to make a 

    recommendation regarding when the bill’s security measures outlined in the legislation are 


    The Gang of Eight’s proposal is a fair one, but what will this commission use to determine that border security is sufficient?

    That’s the devil in the details.




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