• Obama lies for a reason
    posted by Tom Patterson at 21 January, 12:46 PM  0 
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    Barack Obama is a piece of work. He has an annoying – and dangerous, for the rest of us – habit of making up reality to suit his policy goals. His latest whopper was his insistence that raising the debt ceiling was simply about paying our bills and that it had nothing to do with future spending.

    That would be falling down funny if it weren’t so serious. Obviously, raising the debt ceiling so that the onrushing torrent of federal spending can continue unabated is precisely what the debate is all about.

    On the other hand, the government’s ability to pay its bills is not in question. Congress can do several things to make sure we can pay our bills. Ideally, this would include generating fewer bills to pay. Obama’s assertion that Social Security and veterans payments would be endangered is just more of the hysterical rhetoric that spenders pull out when they need to shake more money out of taxpayers’ pockets. Closing Yellowstone is always a go-to threat in the summertime.

    While Obama was on a roll, he claimed his opponents were “suspicious” about a commitment to Social Security and decent healthcare for senior citizens and food for poor children. Lies, lies, lies.

    For Obama, the point of the drill is clearly to keep the money machine rolling along as long as possible. Four more years would be about right. If it turns us into a nation of indebted paupers, well, he’ll be gone. Besides, he promised “transformational change”, did he not?

    Our biggest obstacle to restoring fiscal sanity before it’s too late
    is unfortunately the most powerful person on the planet: BHO.

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