• Rob Robb’s NRA Myth vs. Big Weapons Reality
    posted by Mike McClellan at 14 January, 11:40 AM  0 
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    In today’s Republic, Rob Robb has this quick hit about the NRA:

    “Those who demonize the NRA as a special-interest group using inside influence to thwart otherwise popular gun control misunderstand, or misstate, the political dynamic. 

    The National Rifle Association doesn’t derive its influence from lobbyists or campaign contributions. The NRA gets its influence because of its ability to mobilize genuine grass-roots political activism. It turns out workers and voters.

    That’s also why it’s immune to attempts to sideline it as a political force through media condemnation.”

    What Robb misses — hopefully out of ignorance rather than deception — is how that allegedly “genuine grass-roots political activism” is, well, activated.

    By a bunch of bucks.  And guess who provides those bucks?  Not the rank and file members.  

    Nope, the NRA has something called the “Ring of Freedom” (you can see it here).  And just what is that?  The group of heavy-hitters who provide the moolah to “activate” the “grass roots.”

    And who are those Big Guns?  Well, Big Guns.

    Corporations that provide the weaponry to make American the country with the most privately-owned guns in the world, both in total and per capita.

    Corporations like, Beretta, Springfield Armory , PIerce Bullet Seal, Cabella’s, Brownell’s, Sturm and Ruger, Winchester and other weapons makers or sellers.

    In other words, the corporations that profit from every scare tactic the NRA trots out.  Remember when Obama was elected?  Wayne LaPierre’s first speech was one that claimed the President was coming after the guns.  And, of course, gun sales soared.

    As they did right after this November’s election, the one where LaPierre trotted out the same “warning,” only this time claiming that Obama was clever, hiding his real intentions during the first term, but would begin confiscating guns ASAP.  And gun sales soared.

    LaPierre and others in the NRA make a nice salary, LaPierre’s over $900,000.  They do their masters’ bidding well.

    So yes, Robb is correct in that Big Weapons money “activates” the “grassroots.”  To make more money for Big Weapons, of course.

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