• “Fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy night.” (Bette Davis,1950)
    posted by Jim McAllister at 7 January, 3:55 PM  0 
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    Here are three comments from Obama supporters after they received their most recent paychecks:

    “Obama, I did not vote for you so you can take away a lot of money from my checks.” 

    “I’m starting to regret voting for Obama.” 

    “Obama is the biggest &%$#@ liar in the world. Why the &%$#@ did I vote for him”?

    Maybe those unhappy workers should have listened to Jon Lovitz last year when he had some choice statements about Obama and taxes.

    Of course, dozens of posters on Democratic Underground sought to blame it all (as usual) on President George W. Bush. 

    “Your taxes went up because the leaders need to dig us out of this criminal deficit hole we are in which has been caused because taxes were too low during the Bush years. Everyone has to help by spreading the wealth around a little!”

    Not exactly says writer Joseph Curl of the Washington Times:  “But in fact, it was Mr. Obama who enacted the “holiday,” and, to be clear, the tax cut that he pushed throughout the campaign — remember? 98 percent of Americans will get a cut under his plan? — was really the extension of the Bush tax cuts. Thus, it was Mr. Obama who raised taxes on millions of Americans, not Mr. Bush.

    Curl continues:  How many Americans? The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center in Washington put the total at 77.1 percent of all wage earners. In fact, “More than 80 percent of households with incomes between $50,000 and $200,000 would pay higher taxes. Among the households facing higher taxes, the average increase would be $1,635, the policy center said,” according to a Bloomberg News article.

    Hilariously, the tax burden will rise more for someone making $30,000 a year (1.7 percent) than it does for someone earning $500,000 annually (1.3 percent).

    A whole new wave of Obama supporters still don’t even know: They’ll get their first 2013 paychecks on the 15th of the month. So when you’re shooting the breeze in the lunchroom with your grumbling co-workers on the 16th, just ask them, “Who’d you vote for in November?” When they say Mr. Obama, just tell them: “Well, you got what you voted for. You did know he was going to raise taxes, right?”

    The looks on their faces will be priceless.

    Maybe they thought that all those government programs would be paid for with money out of thin air.  Obama voters were told that it is only right that the wealth be spread around.  Well, it looks like that is what is happening.



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