• How did we go over the cliff?
    posted by Mike McClellan at 1 January, 5:12 PM  0 
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    Simple.  Tom Brokaw had the answer on Sunday’s “Meet the Press”:

    The system’s rigged.

    Look at the last election:  Ninety-one percent of incumbents in the Senate and House were re-elected, yet the approval ratings for Congress are at a historical low, at only 10% weeks before the election.

    So what gives?  We know from our experience here in AZ:  Challenger-proof districts.  In our state, we have six of the nine congressional districts guaranteed to be either Republican or Democrat.  And I’ll bet that’s the pattern across the country.

    Look what happened when our Redistricting Commission actually created three swing districts — lawsuits challenging the arrogance of such a move.  Imagine.  A real election.  How preposterous.

    And so, with no real fear of being defeated, our Congress digs in, unafraid of the voters.

    Happy Bleeping  New Year.

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