• Of guns in America: Have we gone M.A.D.?
    posted by James Garcia at 23 December, 2:56 PM  0 
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    The logical extension of the NRA’s proposal to keep our kids safe from gun-toting killers — namely, posting an armed guard in every school in America — is simply to hand every parent, teacher and adult employee of our schools a high-powered, automatic assault rifle. Then again, what do we do if the killer(s) shows up with a rocket launcher? Or a dirty bomb? Yes, I’m being absurd. The obvious question: Where does it end? All of this brings to mind the now obsolete U.S.-Soviet policy that once argued each country needed to keep up with the opposing side’s stockpile of nuclear weapons. In time, the practice came to be known as “Mutually Assured Destruction” (M.A.D.) because it was a recipe for the ultimate annihilation of civilization on earth. So have we finally gone M.A.D. in the name of the 2nd Amendment? I believe there’s still time to pull back from the brink.

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