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    posted by Jim McAllister at 22 December, 1:20 PM  0 
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    Does the whining ever stop from James Garcia, the self appointed defender of illegal immigration and self proclaimed playwright?  I don’t know how he can see his keyboard through the tears as he types his pitiful little pieces about the terrible treatment of people who sneaked into this country.


    Now he is defending the “Dreamers” against the picture that columnist Ruben Navarette has painted of many of them.  You know who they are:  They are the younger version of their illegal parents who only exist because Obama was doing poorly in the polls against Romney and needed to provide a shot in the arm for the Latino vote.


    These kids have a good deal as they can now crawl out of obscurity but many don’t seem to realize that.  Suddenly they take their inch and want to convert it into a mile with goodies like driver’s licenses and several other demands like health care, college, and citizenship.  Wow!  They are beggars AND choosers!  


    They also complain that they need $465 to do the Dreamer processing; an amount of which many have never seen at one time in their entire lives.  I guess they thought this was going to be easy!  Nothing worth having is easy, kids!


    Obama threw these people a bone and now they want the whole hog.  They seem to forget what a break they got with the Dreamer deal so now we have them parading around in caps and gowns crying “Now, what?”   I’ll tell them “what”:   You’re illegal, deal with it!


    Before they get too enthralled with Obama and his two year deal with them, they better check and see what his deportation record is for Latinos.  He won’t need them after two years so they should probably be thankful for what they have and get their young asses in gear to make the best of it and stop complaining.


    They are now in the United States and there are a hell of a lot of people here who were actually citizens who had more obstacles than these kids have and became successful.  If they want to join us, they are welcome and should take advantage of the freebie they have been given.  If it’s not enough, the roads to Mexico are open and they are welcome to leave.   


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