• And now, for a few words about Connecticut from talk radio . . .
    posted by Mike McClellan at 21 December, 9:12 AM  0 
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    So I’ve listened off and on to talk radio this week, to see just what the fringe is thinking about Connecticut.

    The message?  We need to make some sacrifices.  Well, not me.  But you do.

    On the conservative side, the talkers and the callers repeatedly argued that law-abiding citizens shouldn’t have their guns taken because of the actions of a few.

    On the liberal side, that argument’s been pooh-poohed repeatedly, and with good reason.

    But then . . . 

    Yesterday, listening briefly to the “Stephanie Miller” show, I heard one of the co-hosts go off on a caller.

    The caller was making the argument that maybe we should take a look at the violence of some video games, that young boys immersed in those violent games might become numb to the effects of that violence, that the immersion might make the unstable young man more prone to commit the unspeakable violence we saw last week.

    The co-host’s reaction (who, had argued earlier this week that we should ban the assault rifles) was priceless:

    Why should law-abiding citizens be prevented from playing their ultra-violent video games because of the actions of a few?

    So much for the discourse of talk radio, the echo chamber of the extremes, where their views get validated daily.

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