• Doug MacEachern’s right: We hate the nanny state!
    posted by Mike McClellan at 14 December, 10:20 AM  0 
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    Boy, that Doug MacEachern’s right on the mark today with his “Quick Hit.”

    The Nanny State’s out of control.

    His proof?

    “I almost never drive with my seat belt unfastened. But for those rare occasions when I must, how to disengage the warning bell that nags me to buckle my freaking belt? I’ll tell you how: According to the manual, I must jump through about 18 hoops, only one of which is to “buckle and unbuckle the safety belt nine times at a moderate speed” within 50 seconds. You think Nanny State/Auto Division wants to discourage me from deactivating those damned chimes?”


    Yep.  Seat belts.  And their chimes.  And how difficult it is to disengage said chimes.

    Out of control.  No doubt about it.  If we want to drive without seat belts, we should be able to without the nagging chimes, right, Doug?

    And if we get horribly injured because of our freedom to be free of those belts, well, it only falls on us, right, Doug?

    Not that insurance rates for all of us  might climb because of the hospital bills incurred by freedom-loving, seat-belt free, tossed-out-of-the-car-in-an-accident fellas like you, right, Doug?

    They even tell us how fast to drive, don’t they, Doug?  I mean, after all, if it’s late at night — say 3 in the morning — on a deserted stretch of a freeway, what’s wrong with me revving up the car to say, oh, 100 mph?

    After all, if I hit the wall, it’s only me who dies, right, Doug?

    What, someone did that last night on Loop 101 in the East Valley?  Only he didn’t hit a wall?  He rear-ended another car, killing the passenger?

    And then drove away?

    Hey, Doug, wonder if the driver had on his nanny-state induced seat belt?

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