• Valdez short on reality
    posted by Jim Barber at 11 December, 8:20 AM  0 
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    Linda Valdez (“Social safety nets not political toys”, Viewpoints, AZ Rep., 12/9/12) admits that, “Unless something is done, Baby Boomers could crash programs (Social Security, Medicare) we grew up hoping to enjoy in our elder years.” Then she bemoans “today’s deafening clamor for immediate entitlement reform…” as “opportunism.” Only a liberal could ignore that conservatives have pleaded for years for reform before the inevitable “crash” turns young American hopes for a secure old age to ashes. It has also been obvious that “tinkering around the edges” only delays the consequences of not addressing real reform – how the programs are funded. Only by turning to individual retirement accounts (in stages), placed off-limits to a money-hungry federal beast, can young Americans hope to see a secure future. That can only happen through private accounts invested in something besides government securities since it is obvious that our politicians cannot be trusted. The details, such as an agency to oversee various investment portfolios, insuring that the account cannot be touched until retirement, allowing remaining funds to be inherited in case of early death, can be easily formulated. But the time is now, not later. Under the present system we are like thieves in the night, the victims our own children.

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