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    posted by Mike McClellan at 5 December, 10:23 AM  0 
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    Forget Kyl’s last hurrah, his lame-duck Dream Act lite bill he and another lame duck Senator, Kay Baily Hutchinson, proposed late last month, knowing full well that not only would the bill go nowhere but that it would be soon lost in the Fiscal Cliff mudfight.

    No, Kyl’s latest hackdom was his opposition to a U.N. Treaty that would do this:

    “Nations should strive to assure that the disabled enjoy the same rights and fundamental freedoms as their fellow citizens”  (you can read the full text here).

    In a truly dramatic day in the Senate, Republicans deep-sixed the treaty.  Even as one of their great former Senators, Bob Dole, sat in a wheelchair, recently released from Bethesda Medical Center, hoping his presence would convince enough Republicans to approve the treaty.

    No such luck.

    Here’s why:  Kyl and Company are so anti-U.N. that any treaty from that organization is perceived as a threat to American sovereignty, as many Republican Senators claimed today (you can read about it here).

    Even though that’s not the case, that in fact the international treaty is based on . . .wait for it, wait for it . . . the Americans with Disabilities Act.  A law enacted years ago, when the Senate actually acted in a rational manner.

    No longer.

    Nope, because it comes from the U.N. (even though it’s a U.S.-based law), enough Republicans voted against it.  Even though a few years ago, many of these same Senators voted for it as an American law.

    The vote was 61-38 to ratify the treaty, five short of the 2/3 needed.  One of those five was Kyl, who said this:

    “Just as with many treaties before this one, the CRPD would offer cover to regimes that have no intention of actually helping their citizens, while needlessly tying the hands of countries like the United States that have actually made great strides in this area.”

    Eve though there is no proof — zero evidence, nada, nothing — that the treaty would “tie the hands of countries like the U.S.”

    Here’s all you need to know about this treaty:

    Glenn Beck opposed it.

    And so did Jon Kyl.


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