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    posted by Jim McAllister at 20 November, 1:43 PM  0 
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    Please follow through with your threat to leave the Republican Party and join the Democrats if you wish.  Although we are a bit down now, I’m sure we will do fine without you.  

    Earlier this year you proclaimed the importance of getting rid of Obama.  Suddenly you are shouting “Sandra Fluke rocks” and are a die hard Obama supporter. 

    You say that you are for limited government, lower taxes, and personal responsibility.  With those ideas, I’m not so sure the Dems will welcome you with open arms but, what the hell, Sandra Fluke may greet you.

    So, now you want to throw away 32 years as a member of the GOP for this bunch?  I imagine you earn more than $250,000 a year from your successful business but you have to get up in the morning and go to work for it.  Do you think you are overly wealthy and not paying “your fair share” of taxes?  Do you want to pay more taxes to sustain an over regulated national government that espouses out of control spending?

    Just wondering.

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