• Corporate Raiders vs Hostess Unions
    posted by Paula Pennypacker at 20 November, 1:42 PM  0 
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    As a candidate for mayor of Toledo, I ran as a Republican in a sea of Democrats. I ran as a Republican because I totally bought into the right-wing rhetoric that it was the unions who were destroying my hometown. I remember standing outside in the freezing rain, watching in horror as factory after factory closed up shop. Toledo Metal Furniture and Champion Spark Plug, come to mind. I now know that I was duped.

    What is happening to Hostess, by Bain Capitol-like vultures, is the cause of the decimation of urban centers like Toledo — not unions.

    Last month I went back for a visit of my hometown. What I saw was shocking. Toledo is not in a recession, she is in a depression. Thank God Romney was lying about Jeep closing.

    Yes, we now live in a world where “profit is king.” But no worries, Hostess was able to peal away their pension obligations in order to make this type of union busting more lucrative for the next buyer of this once great company, leaving U.S. taxpayers holding the bag. With each plant closing in urban America, it’s becoming crystal clear who stole the American Dream, and it’s not the union worker making $20 an hour.

    I wish I knew about this when I was running for Mayor!

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