• Republicans, hold your ground
    posted by Tom Patterson at 19 November, 8:46 AM  0 
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    Imagine that Republicans were as efficient in getting out their voters as the Democrats and Sandy had hit a week later. Republicans would be doing a victory lap rather than wringing their hands and vowing to change their ways. Of course, Democrats and the media are here to help. Just become more like us! Embrace Obamacare, tax the rich, dump entitlement reform. Lighten up and the masses will love you. My advice (surprise, surprise) would be a little different. The economic growth message needs to be sharpened up, GOTV efforts improved, marginal candidates avoided. But the Democrats are the ones with a really big problem. Their economic policies are unsustainable. Sooner or later (maybe sooner than we think) they will plunge our economy into a world of hurt, possibly a true collapse. When that happens, they’ll be desperate to make Republicans take at least some of the blame and the always reliable media will be there for them. For now, Republicans should calmly hold their ground. Be gracious losers but don’t leave any fingerprints on what’s happening now. Americans will likely soon be looking for an alternative to economic misery. Republicans can be there for them if they haven’t morphed into wannabe Democrats.

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