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    Is there anyone else out there who is tired of being taken for an idiot?

      Here’s how I see that it went down.

      The president made a bad policy decision and it went south. He lost an ambassador and three other brave Americans because he wanted to reduce the American “footprint” in Libya. The decision – the policy – was made to reduce the size of the security team in Libya, even in the face of stepped up operations by al Qaeda. The problem, of course, was that al Qaeda had been defeated – he had said so numerous times during the campaign – so a well planned, organized and executed attack by a “defeated” enemy might cause an electorate to question other claims made during a tight election campaign.

      In the meantime, the president’s CIA Director (a potential future war-hero presidential candidate) is having what he thought was a secret sex tryst with his biographer (and Reserve Officer Lt. Colonel in Intelligence). Unfortunately the trystee was jealous of a friend and acquaintance of the Director, fearing that she was a wannabe trystee, vying for the Director’s affections. Said competitor, however, was probably more interested in using her friendship with the Director to convince a company seeking to do business in South Korea that her friendship with the Director was worth $80 million to said company seeking a contract with South Korea worth billions. Long story made short, a few nasty e-mails later and, yada yada, the Director’s indiscretion is no longer secret to his boss.

      The plot thickens. Within hours of the attack, and the assassination, on the consulate – an internationally recognized act of war by a “defeated” al Qaeda – the Director knows that the attack was carried out by al Qaeda and affiliates. Even the Libyan president made a public declaration confirming the obvious. But the Libyan president wasn’t running for re-election….and the Director was having a “secret” affair. With the election looking very close, it was much more convenient if the attack was carried out by an outraged Islamic mob, angry over a video made by an American exercising his First Amendment rights. Somehow, after writing up his report detailing al Qaeda responsibility for the attack and dispersing it to the National Security Director, the other intelligence agencies, the State Department, Justice Department and the Whitehouse, the conclusion and mention of al Qaeda as the perpetrator of the attack disappeared from the report and the video story replaced it.

      Then, strangely, three days after the attack, the Director, who now claims, under oath, that he never wavered from his conclusion that al Qaeda planned and executed the attack, told a congressional committee in a “briefing” (not under oath) that it was, indeed, a mob action, thus sparing his boss – and holder of the “secret” – the embarrassment of having to admit, just before a tight election, that he might have been over-exuberant concerning the demise of a very dangerous terrorist organization.

      Unfortunately, for the Director, his boss won the election, now needed to get out from under the spiraling-out-of-control lie and threw the Director under the bus. His services were no longer needed, he was publicly disgraced and his potential danger to the president’s party as a candidate was destroyed along with his reputation.

      Now, few people in this country ever truly believed that the assassination was anything but a terrorist attack on our country. Oh, sure, the bulk of the media pretended it was true, but they were committed to the re-election of the man they had built in 2008. But the election is over. You won, guys! So please! Stop campaigning. And spare me the indignity of treating me like an idiot. Admit to the screw-up. Apologize to the people for being dishonest and then fix the problem instead of burying it. If Ambassador Stevens died for anything, it should be that future ambassadors won’t be left out in the cold.

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