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    An ABC/Washington Post poll once again drives home how most Americans feel about their undocumented, law-abiding neighbors. Fifty-seven percent of respondents in the poll supported a pathway to citizenship for the undocumented.

    ABC News writes:

    “In this survey, support for a path to citizenship peaks at 82 percent among Hispanics, 71 percent among Democrats and liberals alike and 69 percent among young adults, all key Obama groups. Support’s at 68 percent among nonwhites overall, compared with 51 percent among non-Hispanic whites. Obama lost white voters by 20 points last week, but won nonwhites — who accounted for a record 28 percent of the electorate – by 61 points. It was a record racial gap.”

    This takes me back to 2010. Remember the political opportunism, the  hysteria and the absolute lies that spurred the passage of SB 1070? Remember all the fearmongering about how we were being overrun by lazy conniving criminal “illegals” at the very time illegal immigration was approaching record lows?

    Back then, The Arizona Republic ran a poll and found out that many Arizonans actually supported allowing their undocumented neighbors to stay if the immigrants worked and paid taxes, which, of course, most do.

    This odd finding in the Arizona Republic poll confirmed to me that most Arizonans who supported SB 1070 never understood the true intent of the law signed by Gov. Jan Brewer — SB1070 was intended to remove.every.undocumented.immigrant.from.arizona.

    The law passed because our checks and balances were all akimbo — Gov. Janet Napolitano was called to Washington to head Homeland Security. Gov. Jan Brewer constitutionally rose from Secretary of State to replace Napolitano.  Brewer, a shrewd  political opportunist, signed SB 1070 to get herself elected in a tough race against Terry Goddard. Then came the slew of copycat laws across the nation and the Republican anti-immigrant rhetoric that  helped lead to Mitt Romney’s electoral slap down. The undocumented should “self-dpeort,” Romney said during the campaign. And he also said he’d veto the Dream Act.

    And on and on.

    I”m still astounded by how out-of-touch Romney’s advisors were.

    Today’s ABC News -Washington Post poll only confirms it.

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