• You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows . . .
    posted by Mike McClellan at 12 November, 9:48 PM  0 
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    All you have to do is watch what the Times’ Ross Douhat calls “the human weather vane,” Sean Hannity.

    It’s time for immigration reform.

    The Dems have wanted it and the Republicans suddenly discovered Hispanics are not just a group sneaking over the border.

    Lindsay Graham and Chuck Shumer are in negotiations right now on a comprehensive plan that includes:

    Better border security
    An effective employer/employee screening system
    Harsh penalties for those employers who hire illegal immigrants
    A way to allow immigrants into the country as needed for employment
    A path to citizenship for those already here, if they speak English and don’t have a criminal record

    After the fiscal cliff is avoided, the first order of business for President Obama should be immigration legislation.  He’s got the Republicans just where he wants them on this issue, so strike now before the Right Wing Scream Machine gets into the act (though with Hannity sidelined, that’s one less odious voice).

    Hope the Pres follows through on his promise to Hispanics, and takes advantage of the nearly-desperate-to-court-Hispanic Republicans.

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