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    posted by Kirk Adams at 12 November, 4:53 PM  0 
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    Its been a week since the election and if you are like me, you’ve probably enjoyed the quiet.  Being quiet is good for the soul and allows our thoughts to catch up with our tongue.  Here’s what I’ve been thinking….

    That was one heck of a fight.  The nation is closely divided and I suppose that is something to be lamented.  But as bad as campaign season can get, aren’t we glad that the fight is contained to words instead of bullets?  And doesn’t it signal that some new threshold has been crossed when the man who is President and the man who almost was president both come from minority groups?  

    And isn’t it wonderful that a man who spent six years pursuing the presidency, putting it all on the line, comes tantalizingly close, but just short, can walk to the podium and ask the country to pray for the success of the man who vanquished him?  And what does it say about a country when the victor can walk to a different podium and, instead of repercussions, acknowledge the deeply held beliefs and good character of the vanquished?  

    What I think it all says is that despite our challenges and our differences, this system of government is still the best in the world.  And even though I disagree with President Obama, I will join with Mitt Romney and pray for his success.  Have you seen the size of the national debt?  He’s going to need all the heavenly help he can get!

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