• Scottsdale voters say “Enough is enough”
    posted by Jim McAllister at 12 November, 12:24 PM  0 
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    I’m not surprised that Prop. 204 and the Scottsdale school district’s request for yet another override failed to pass.  Temporary taxes have a habit of becoming permanent once the receivers of the money get spoiled by it.

    Scottsdale’s school enrollment has been declining for at least 5 years but every couple of years they ask for another override and usually get it.  I’m wondering if instead there is some waste happening that could be avoided to save a buck.

    This year Scottsdale learned the hard way that its citizens are saying “Enough is enough” as they voted down the privilege of increasing their property taxes by about $25.  Cave Creek acted in a similar manner earlier this year with a “no” vote on their override.  The voters are getting their point across.

    I’m not against education.  My wife and I are both college graduates but it looks like the school district needs to look harder at their situation and consider some belt tightening. 

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