• Obama has his wish: The U.S. is a divided nation
    posted by Jim McAllister at 7 November, 8:32 AM  0 
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    The re-election of Obama showed how far down this country has come.  The popular vote was about evenly split and as usual the red states had more winners than the blue states but were defeated because of the urban population.  We have a truly divided nation. 

    So, now we have a proven loser in office who won primarily because of his promise to give away the doorknobs and not get this country back to work.  It’s a great deal for millions:  Just vote for Obama and line up for the free stuff.  Barack will go after those pesky rich people to pay the way for the slackers while he grovels for the union vote.  Unemployment?  higher than when he took office.  Deficit? 16 trillion.  Benghazi?  Shhhhh…. don’t talk about that.

    I’m sure the Hollywood phonies are celebrating tonight.

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