• Newsflash: The U.S. has been divided for years
    posted by Mike McClellan at 7 November, 1:52 PM  0 
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    Fellow blogger Jim McAllister has somehow figured out that the U.S. is a divided nation, as you can read in his “Obama has his wish:  The U.S. is a divided nation (you can read it here).

    Apparently, Jimbo’s a little bitter, calling Obama a “proven loser who won primarily because of his promise to give away the doorknobs and not get this country back to work.”

    And — apparently — McAllister believes that Obama wants a divided America.


    Besides the malarky of McCallister miffedness, here’s a newsflash:  Except for a few months following 9/11, America’s been a divided nation for years.

    1988 — Bush, 53%;  Dukakis, 46%.  Pretty close to 50/50
    1992 — Clinton, 43%, Bush 37%; Perot, 18%.  Talk about divided!
    1996 — Clinton 49%; Dole, 41%; Perot, 8%.  Clinton can’t even get 50%!
    2000 — Bush, 48%; Gore, 48%.  No more divided than that.
    2004 — Bush, 50%; Kerry, 48%.  Not exactly a Bush landslide.

    In other words, we’ve been divided for awhile.  2008 is the outlier here, with Obama smashing McCain.

    But McAllister suffers from the same disease many hard right folks do:  History-Only-Began-in-2009.

    That’s right.  Time after time, Republicans like McAlliser conveniently forget anything that happened prior to Obama becoming President.

    So, for example,  the national debt is $16 trillion. Thanks. Obama.  Except the debt as already $10 trillion when Obama took office, largely courtesy of the Bush years of low taxes and big spending.

    No, Jimbo, the nation’s been divided for years.  It still is.  And good people of both parties need to ignore the crazies in their party, and, gulp, compromise to solve the problems of our country.

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