• Another “Gottcha” for Obama!
    posted by Jana Bommersbach at 3 October, 10:32 AM  0 
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    It so amuses me to see Fox News try to find a “gottcha” on President Obama that will erase Romney’s fatal 47 percent remark–an utterance from his soul that might well be the biggest reason he loses this race.

    Last night Fox thought they had it with a 5 year-old video–widely reported at the time–of Senator Obama criticizing the George Bush Administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina.

    Sean Hannity was so happy. He heavily promoted the video; then slathered all over himself after it was shown; he actually said it would change the race.

    The only thing that video will change is the number of folks it drives to Obama’s side!

    Republicans REALLY want to discuss again how dismal the Bush Administration was after Katrina? They REALLY want to be reminded of “You’re doing a good job, Brownie,” while New Orleans folks were dying and losing everything? They REALLY want a flasback to a moment when national newscasters like Anderson Cooper actually lost it on the air, demanding the federal government DO SOMETHING for the folks it was ignoring?

    I’m happy to have all those horrible memories dredged up again as we close in on this race. Because if you thought George W. Bush didn’t have a clue, then imagine always-rich-and-pampered Mitt Romney’s reaction to such a national disaster.

    It was a “gottcha” alright. It got Romney yet again!

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