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    posted by Mike McClellan at 8 June, 8:49 AM  0 
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    Yep.  The Republican-majority legislature’s waging a legal war against us.  And using a neat trick to pay for it.

     Seems the Republicans don’t much like the Independent Redistricting Commission, in either concept or results (ironic, in that the new map seems to give the Republican party even more state legislative power).

     So the Republicans passed a law that authorizes the state to sue (you can read the article here).

     Their claim?  The Commission doesn’t have the power to redraw districts; only the legislature does.

     Wait a minute, though . . . didn’t we (the voters, their constituents) in 2000 vote to amend the state constitution to create the IRC?

     Sure enough.  We did.

     So I guess the Republicans are arguing that the Constitution is, well, unconstitutional.

     And that the people — their constituents — don’t have the power to change the Constitution.

     So they’re gonna sue in federal court, with the Speaker of the House, Andy Tobin, saying they are prepared to take it to the United States Supreme Court.

     And how, praytell, will Andy and his fellow Republicans pay for this?

     Simple.  They legislated an open pocketbook to fund their lawsuit:  The money, the amount left open, is part of the budget.

     In other words, they are using our money to sue us.

     Neat trick, indeed.

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